July 20, 2024

Solution Focused Therapy

News: Frederick contributes to Book on Social Work in Rural Areas

As clinical psychotherapist, my passion is to work with and help people improve their lives. Over 40 years  experience working with clients in various settings, committed to each 
client that their improvement will always be paramount.

I work with individuals, families and couples to help gain a healthier quality of life in areas that are of concern and provide the help needed to address those concerns.

I work with each client to find understanding hope in your situation and to help you take constructive action, establish outcomes you desire, and expect that positive change will happen sooner rather than later.

I use Solution Focused Therapy and effective therapeutic tools for individual improved progress. You will know therapy is working because you will feel significantly better with renewed mental, physical and emotional well-being.

I work with you to fully understand and to use the connection of mind and body. This connection is particularly important when there is fatigue, sleep irregularity, ongoing pain or other physical problems that persist even as you have excellent medical care.

Some specializations include: depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, chronic pain, relationships, parenting, and marriage.