May 18, 2024

Quality of Care

Having studied extensively with top therapists in the country, I have a full understanding of what works and what does not work in psychotherapy.

The quality of your care is primary and it starts at the earliest moment of contact.

People come to therapy when some aspect of life is not working; the effort is to change gears. John Weakland, a well known Brief Therapist said, “The purpose of therapy is to move from the same damn thing over and over to one damn thing after the other.” Stop and ponder those words.

My practice is based on Solution Focused Therapy — essence of SFT is ongoing conversation with the client about expectations and what is needed for progress. SFT recognizes that clients want to change; this is in contrast to approaches that are set on the idea that clients resist change. SFT recognizes that therapy can be done briefly and that small change can lead to large change. Search for identification of realistic hope is a key and ongoing process.

I also use a simple method of tracking your satisfaction with session effectiveness so you are improving and I am meeting your expectations. This tracking method (called “client-directed, outcome-informed” therapy – CODI) is based on what makes therapy most effective and has been designated a Best Practice in a growing number of agencies worldwide.

Research is clear that therapy works. I am an advocate for quality of care in the field of mental health. I teach statewide on this leading edge research that addresses the growing concern for mental health excellence.

I supervise and coach other Clinicians using the solutions strength based focus and the CDOI effectiveness tool. This supervision can count for LCSW certification or because they, like me, know growth is a lifelong process.