March 3, 2024

Energy and Mental Health Review

Over the last six weeks, we have discussed energy and mental health with emphasis on the works of Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, and Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement.  

Your mental health and energy are intertwined. Some key points of the blogs provide snapshots to jog your memory and help you on your path to managing Physical, Emotional, Mental and Emotional Energy.

  • ENERGY is the fundamental currency of performance. Without energy we have no life.
  • ENERGY includes physical activity, emotional connection, mental focus and spiritual alignment.
  • ENERGY is created from the bottom of the pyramid to the top but the motivation to change comes from the top down.
  • ENERGY capacity diminishes with under and over use.
  • INCREASE capacity by pushing beyond normal limits.  
  • CREATE positive rituals or good habits to cultivate capacity. 
  • BARRIERS to energy include negative habits that ultimately waste energy. 
  • YOUR Chronological age is fixed.  
  • YOUR Biological age can be modified with training. 
  • Training requires recovery. Most people are undertrained physically and spiritually (not enough effort) and over trained emotionally and mentally (not enough recovery).
  • ENERGY — The fundamental source is physical; the most important is spiritual or life purpose. 
  • Lifelong energy goals include:
    • Strongest possible physical pulse
    • Strongest possible emotional pulse
    • Strongest possible mental pulse
    • Strongest possible spiritual pulse
  • Take the energy audit:

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Gain energy and be well.