June 13, 2024

Gratitude Revisited Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is my wife’s favorite holiday.  In part, it’s the meal and in part,   we are with people we care about. Presence is foremost, presents are not expected.

Revisit the Happiness/Gratitude and the Three Good Things blog from October 25:

 During holidays at many dinner tables, people talk about thankfulness.    At our home, it is both interesting and loving. Sometimes it feels a bit rushed; maybe we are a bit embarrassed or we are thinking about the food getting cold.    We   start  with a prayer   of thanks  expressed in a broader sense for our health, our homes, our safety, and the food.  

Then each person presents a more personal gratitude. At times, to offset the intimacy there are comments like the child who was grateful to “not be the turkey”.  Even with the humor the tone is always about people and relationships. It is never about stuff. Sometimes a tear is shed. We speak of those that are present at the table, of those that are  present elsewhere and of those present in spirit only.   

We quickly realize   this gratitude is wonderful to give and to receive. It can be overwhelming and, it seems, a different kind of nourishment. If we thought about it more, and expressed it all, the food would in fact be quite cold when we got to it.  For me, gratitude for people and relationships grow in importance as I gather years.

Take time this Thanksgiving and, maybe, more often to sit with gratitude and  share it with others.

Enjoy the food too.